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 Kai Gray's Characters.

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Kai Gray

Kai Gray

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PostSubject: Kai Gray's Characters.   Kai Gray's Characters. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 6:29 pm

Kai Gray's Characters. 28ivrsx
Name: Kaiser (Kai) Elias Gray
Age/birthday: 14 (February 14, 1996)
Gender: Male
Grade: Freshmen
Parents: Sierra Gray and Brian Gray (Dead, Car Crash)
Physical appearance: He has soft Pale skin and bloody Red eyes to compliment them; he also has neat curly blonde hair that you just can’t help but to mess up. Slim Build, but works out, giving him a six pack, he’s only 5’7, short. He can always be seen wearing strange outfits, such as a black shirt and a little vest over it, like the photo above with long pants, or the usual ripped jeans and black shirt, basically just black shirt.
Personality: Kai’s a very strange guy, he’s extremely hyper, so hyper that if you give him coffee, he’ll be jumping off the walls, He’s also happy, and go lucky, but just because he’s a happy boy, doesn’t mean he’s exactly innocent, he has sort of a split personality thing going on, ones all cutesy and innocent, but when he’s in his other personality, being a decisive, devious, mischievous person, who is very smart, and can be scary when he wants something.

In his regular, usual, cute, go lucky self, he’s like a chibi character on an anime, enjoying sweets such as chocolates and cheesecake, seriously, he loves cheesecake. You really don’t want to get in his way of cheesecake, despite this, in his “Happy” state, he can be a sweet guy who’ll do anything for his friends and make people laugh and comfort people with his cuteness, also being extremely clueless, having many blonde moments. Once again, don’t be fooled, because he can easily switch into something dangerous.

His last self that he takes form of usually manifests when he wants something deeply, such as an object or to be sneaky, in this form, he’s very mischievous and dangerous as well in this form, He can cause a lot of chaos with a few swaying words, in fact, this is when his brain really kicks in, he can be really scary in this form as well because his sneakiness is too convincing, almost making it seem like he’s telling the truth when he’s not, very dangerous in this form, he goes in this form for many reasons, such as wanting something, wanting an object, wanting to sweet talk his way out of things, or just to cause chaos, but the funny thing is, when he gets what he wants, he immediately clicks back to his regular self like nothing happened, not remembering what he had done.

All in all, he’s a very interesting guy, hard to describe, in words, he’d be considered, A Cute, Sneaky, Conniving, Deadly, Chibi, Clueless, Smart, Decisive, Formidable, Loving and Caring Guy, talk about contradictions heheh…
Pets: None
Talents: None really, but he’s good on his legs, which is useful for kicking and for running, and that’s pretty much it.
Insecurities: Height, thunder, making close friends, being fairly short for his age.

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Clare The Gummy Bear

Clare The Gummy Bear

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PostSubject: Re: Kai Gray's Characters.   Kai Gray's Characters. I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2011 1:30 am

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Degrassi.

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zero rose anderson ---*
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Kai Gray's Characters.
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