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Come down here to roleplay as your favorite character, or make a student of your own. The drama doesn't always have to happen on your television, relive it on your computer as well.
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 Remplissage's Characters

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PostSubject: Remplissage's Characters   Remplissage's Characters I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2011 6:02 pm

Remplissage's Characters Keirg210
conner kernal mckenzie atticus.
'At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, trending in a certain direction.'

    Conner Kernal Mckenzie Atticus - call him whatever you like though, he's not picky.

birthday / age
    Guess how many candles were on the cake last time - only sixteen. That supposed 'birthday party' was on October 16th, 2010.

    Despite his nickname, which would leave you to believe otherwise, he is a male.

    On a regular night in a regular hospital, the married-with-children Abigail Atticus had a baby boy; only to her disappointment, however, as she already had two of the same gender at home. This is what led to the naming of the child - Mckenzie, which is what the 'baby girl' would have been named, was thrown into the middle of his otherwise boyish title. Other then the occasional teasing, he's lived a rather normal life - of course, you can't escape the drama of high school though. This 'drama' is the climatic death of his friend's mother, and her moving in. Currently, Conner lives in a fairly normal atmosphere with Sam, his mother, father, and the last of his siblings that live in the house, Derrick.

    First off is his strict yet understanding mother, Abigail. Next is his sliblings, Fredrick, who is 23, and Lucifer, who still lives at home and is only 17.

    Conner has never been able to open up to someone completely - yes, he's had a few minor girlfriends here and there, but other then that, he's completely new to the love department. Then there is his best friend, Samantha Young, whom he affectionately calls Sam.

school information
    Conner is currently a sophomore, and has been in the school since he started his final four years.

physical appearance
    At first glance, it seems that Conner is lacking a few things that are trademarked for teenage boys - the pimply face, the awkwardness, etc. In all reality, though, that's all he truly is - a teenage boy. There is simple an explanation for all that. First off, Conner loathes acne - he doesn't just try to keep is off his face, he is obsessed with keeping clear skin. It's one of his biggest flaws, as he can sometimes spend hours on end grooming himself. It's only in the privacy of his personal bathroom though; not a soul knows about his habit, he's made sure of that.

    Next you'll make you're way to his mahogany eyes. The orbs of brown are always strangely aloof in classes and such. He hates being confined - it's obvious in his facial expressions. As soon as his notebook his the desk in first period his eyes are distant and a frowned is planted on his face. After this, you'll probably spot his hair, which is just about the same color as his eyes; a deep, chocolate brown. In dark lighting, it appears to be nearly black, like the darkest sweet in the heart-shaped box. It's usually swept somewhat to the left, though it's not choppy or flippy, it's simply...there. A few curls can be seen in the back and around his fringe, but it is straight for the most part.

    Conner is also rather average in height in weight - five-feet and eleven-inches, one-hundred and four pounds. He doesn't eat too much, and many have consulted him about his 'weight problem.' No, he's not a large eater, in fact a few even think he's pseudo-anorexic. He completely denies this though, as he thinks that he eats perfectly fine. He's skinny, yes, he'll admit that, but he's healthy. His choice of apparel is rather open, as he'll wear basically anything. Lately, however, you can spot him in jeans, a tee-shirt, and a pair of Converse shoes.

    Conner is an extremely strong-willed and determined individual. Everything that he does, he does to exceed someone's expectations. He hates being predictable and hates being told he can't do something. Throughout his younger years, Conner was constantly harassed because of his 'girlish' middle name. Irritated and not wanting to be the butt of the joke any longer, he devoted himself to his studies, to his works, to anything that made him feel confident and talented; including his lucks. He wanted to prove others wrong, wanted to be respected, and wanted to be acknowledged as someone who didn't give up. Despite this good qualities that came from this, a horrible obsession also spawned form the new Conner - the constant feeling of being unclean, not groomed, etc. This leads to an obsession with his looks, and this is his true inner demon.

    So here he is now, pleased with his progress and continuing to try and better himself. Besides his hardcore attitude to fulfill his goals, Conner is a pleasant person to be around. Though he's obsessed with the thought of perfection, he does hide it from people. Most of the time, anyway, since there's always a chance that he might slip up at times and reveal his almost OCD-like personality.

    But just because he wants to stand out, doesn't mean he wants to be excluded from society. He'll put on a smile and play nice when times call for it. Conner's friendly enough and easy to approach if he doesn't approach the other person first to say a quick hello. He's straightforward and a bit blunt which sometimes causes another person to feel offended, but that's just how he is. A lot of the times, he'll even apologize if he realizes he's crossed the line.

    Another thing, Conner is strongly opinionated. He'll speak out against or for something if he figures his opinion will matter. But all in all, Conner is a good kid with good intentions. When he's not busy figuring things out, he'll be outside looking to make new friends or hang out with the ones he already has. He's thoughtful, respectful, and affectionate to those he cares about and is always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Basically, he's the guy who can easily adapt to both serious and fun situations.

major flaw
    His fatal flaw would have to be his obsession with perfection. He is constantly trying to make himself better and improve the way he does things.

    Conner doesn't have any pets at the moment, yet he plans on getting a bird or something of the sort soon.

    He is a secret poet - only those closest to him know about his literary skills. In addition to the massive amount of poetry pieces he's written over the years, he also is working on a novel. Other then his writing talents, he can also work wonders as a computer technician. If you're computer crashes, he's the one to call.

    face claim ; KEIR GILCHRIST Also, Sam is roleplayed by Flufferdoodles.

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PostSubject: Re: Remplissage's Characters   Remplissage's Characters I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2011 6:26 pm

ACCEPTED, BUDDY. Welcome to Degrassi!

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Remplissage's Characters
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