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 Kai's First Day. [Open Thread]

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Kai Gray

Kai Gray

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Kai's First Day. [Open Thread] Empty
PostSubject: Kai's First Day. [Open Thread]   Kai's First Day. [Open Thread] I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2011 5:04 pm

      Kai's First Day. [Open Thread] 58-11-Copy
      This year was just Kai's luck, he had to transfer from a school in Montreal. Something about fighting and bleh bleh bleh. As he hops out of the taxi and looks at the front steps, it seemed almost grand, pretty place actually, and kids just running in and stuff, or even just hanging out, some even eating breakfast, Kai might actually like it here. He smiled and walked in.

      This place seems interesting, not to mention it's pretty cool looking, I hope I don't lose out on this place, I might actually want to stay here...
      He thought.

      As he walks into the hallway, he noticed people running everywhere like a race car chase scene, some just hanging out and hanging with their friends, he walks in a bit more, holding his laptop carrier like backpack, though not really a backpack. Just those shoulder bag things. and held it up. He noticed that this school was ginormous, he couldn't find his way anywhere, he looked in a piece of paper and remembered his locker number.

      After a few minutes he finally finds the locker and smiles, he unlocks it with the lock and sighs as he does. He arranged the locker around, putting books in it and such, also putting a mirror in it to make sure nothing is out of place, he looks into the mirror and tries to smile, his bloody red eyes shimmering in the school light. He then closes his locker and sits down on the hall next to it, watching the people pass by, he wondered if he was ever going to make any friends, he hoped he did, he takes another sigh and sits by the hallway, waiting for somebody to talk to him, or at least look at him.

      He gave up, it wasn't worth waiting. He began to troll the halls, looking for the library.

      It had been a few days since Kai had come to California and only his first day at Sunnydale, he liked it here alot, there seemed to be interesting, people, he smiled at the thought of friends, he remembered when he hated making them, he sighs. Well, he really hadn't met any before. He walks into the Library, he loved the atmosphere, the smells and such, made it seem like walking into Borders, he loved that musky book smell, he quickly ran over to the fiction section, he notices that the manga section was updated, his face literally glew, he couldn't wait to read the new Bleach, he just got one of the games on the wii, he loved that manga, he watched the anime too, he couldn't believe that a school would allow such anime, which adds to the awesomeness of the school. He picks up around 3 books and walks over to the check out section.

      The library, in high school, was always a place for him to relax and just stay quiet. The usual rushing noise of the school hallways just annoyed Kai. He's the quiet type. The kind to never let anything that bothered him, show. It did sometimes, but it wasn't usual.

      He finally found the new volume of Bleach, released in America, and glanced back over at the tables. He found an empty table and quickly got to the sitting and stuff.
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Kai's First Day. [Open Thread]
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