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Come down here to roleplay as your favorite character, or make a student of your own. The drama doesn't always have to happen on your television, relive it on your computer as well.
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 plans? [alli!]

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Anna Halloway

Anna Halloway

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PostSubject: plans? [alli!]   plans? [alli!] I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 10:08 pm

plans? [alli!] Djad

annaleah cassandra marie halloway

"this place really brought out the drama in my life"

      Finally, Anna could get a break. FINALLY. Everyone had just switched classes, and she had her free period now, and she was probably going to either sit outside her locker and eat some food that she brought with her and probably text random people while doing so, or she'd end up reading a random pregnancy book. Anna had a bunch of books about her pregnancy and parenting and about children, so she felt prepared. But, she was still nervous... she knew that everything she read would go right down the drain the moment her son cried. Anna sighed. She hoped, more than anything, that she could be a wonderful mother to her son and give him a wonderful life.

      But things were easier said than done, but she was going to do it.

      Closing her locker, Anna slid down to the floor, stretching her legs out. She yawned a bit, pulling out a bag of almonds from her bag and opened it, taking a few out and eating them. It was time for her to relax- the halls were pretty clear and quiet and she was worn out. Anna wiggled her feet a bit, looking to her swollen ankles. "Oww." She mumbled before pulling a book out of her bag. It was a book about countless random pregnancy facts. She opened it up and found herself lost in the text.

"and i couldn't be happier"
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plans? [alli!] Empty
PostSubject: Re: plans? [alli!]   plans? [alli!] I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 4:31 pm

Today wasn't really my day. So, I walk to school now and lucky me i tripped in a puddle and get my new pink jacket all brown. Then last period i got a C in Mr. Perino's class. My first C all year. I was all crushed and what not.

After Mr. Perino gave everyone their tests back, I peered over to Dave. "What'd you get?" I whispered. We weren't supposed to be getting into other peoples business, but i was just looking forward to have been able to say i got a higher grade than Dave. "A-!" He said, estatically. "My first A ever this semester. Hell yes!" He conclued, attempting to give me a high five. I just rolled my eyes and straightened myself in my desk.

Ring ring.
I sighed a breath of relief. This took alot out of me. I mean a C? My dad's gonna go all Chuck Norris on me! Whoever that is...

When i finally got out of that dreaded classroom I saw Anna. Anna was in my English class. She had her face buried in a book. I couldn't see the cover but I just tumbled over to her. "Hola, ban-Anna." I joked, very cornyly.
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plans? [alli!]
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