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 fresh air <3 [wesssssssssssssss]

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Anna Halloway


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PostSubject: fresh air <3 [wesssssssssssssss]   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:25 am

      "monster, how should i feel?"

      Life was starting to look up for Anna... finally. She was happier; smiling more, laughing more, talking more, crying more, yelling more, learning more, loving more, hating more- she was feeling more than what she ever felt before. Even in her sticky situation that many people looked down upon, Anna was never this happy in her life. Never. She loved her son, she loved her home, she loved that Robert was gone, she loved everything... she even loved Wesley, her dear, sweet boyfriend. The fast that he's stayed with her through all of this made her love him even more- she knew she could trust him, and she knew that he was going to be a positive and wonderful influence in her son's life. She knew it... she just knew it.

      Sitting on the front steps of her beloved school, Anna was dresses in a white sundress that made her baby belly look rather adorable, despite being huge. She was nine months, and she was ready to pop any minute. People probably felt nervous around her, but Anna didn't care how she made others feel about it- she was happy, and that was all that mattered in her book. Rubbing her belly, she smiled, imagining what he was going to look like. She prayed he looked just like her, and nothing like his mentally fucked up father. And, speaking of which, he was apparently presumed dead, so that made things easier on Anna; he wasn't coming back to hurt her or her son. Anna sighed softly, looking around to everyone. Some of her classmates were happy for her and knew her story, some people called her a slut and every week her son had a new father. Degrassi was drama, but Anna loved being here. She really did.

      "Hey Anna." A girl waved to the redhead sitting on the steps. "Hey." Anna waved back, looking back up to the sky. "Too bad you can't watch me from up there, you bastard." Harsh words for harsh feelings, that will always he held to her child's father- no, sperm donor. Anna frowned, thinking about the day she'd have to explain to Roman that he was the result of a rape and his father was, as far as she knew, dead, and that she hates him with all her soul and every ounce of life in her. It would be a tricky thing to explain, but she thought maybe she could get away with it... or, wait until he's old enough to understand such things. Anna sighed, shaking her head. "I pray everything turns out."

      A small smile curved her lips as she continued to look around at everyone and the nature surrounding the school, just enjoying this wonderful morning.
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PostSubject: Re: fresh air <3 [wesssssssssssssss]   Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:46 am

wesley betenkamp

"i could have been the guy to rock your world"

    The past few months of Wesley's grade ten year have been a bit strange. Everything that had happened seem unreal; unbelievable. Everything with Anna seemed so drama-filled, but he loves her. It can't last like this forever, right? Oh, well, as cheesy as it may seem, as long as the dorky nerd had a girlfriend as beautiful and gorgeous as Anna, he was happy.

    Wesley stares at the cracks on the sidewalk, counting them, as he walks along with his hands in his pockets. He lifts his head toward the sky, to look at the clouds, but his brown eyes catch glimpse of something else--someone else. Anna. In a pretty white sundress. Wesley quickens his pace to a run as he runs ever-so-excitedly to his girlfriend. It's not like he hasn't he seen her in months, or even days, he's just young. Young and possibly in love? As she says hi to another girl, Wesley slows down, panting. He's never been athletic--ever. The most exercise he'll ever do is press buttons on his gaming console repeatedly all day. His blank expression curves into a gentle smile. "Anna!" he lets her name slip out, as he twiddles his thumbs an approaches her on the steps.

"but i'm not, so i've got to face it"

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Anna Halloway


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PostSubject: Re: fresh air <3 [wesssssssssssssss]   Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:19 am

      annaleah cassandra marie halloway

      Her eyes went fom trees to bushes to flowers to people back to the sky and back in the same cycle. Her surroundings had her occupied, until her eyes caught something. "Wes!" Anna smiled sweetly, seeing her dear, sweet boyfriend approaching her. Anna could feel butterflies in her stomach, and she could feel her son kicking away as Wesley approached. Everytime she saw Wesley, Roman always kicked up a storm. He could feel how excited she was- he could feel how much she really did love him and care for him. Anna pressed on her ribcage, feeling his foot getting caught in it, "get out of there." She pushed his foot out, laughing softly, "kick the other way."

      Anna finally stood, stretching a bit, "good morning sweetheart." She smiled at Wesley, wobbling closer to him. Anna placed a soft kiss on his lips, smiling warmly.
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PostSubject: Re: fresh air <3 [wesssssssssssssss]   

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fresh air <3 [wesssssssssssssss]
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