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 Anna's Charries >3

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Anna Halloway

Anna Halloway

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PostSubject: Anna's Charries >3   Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:22 am

        Annaleah Cassandra Marie Halloway
        Sixteen / January 19th
        A proud woman.

        Anna lived a normal life. Two parents who usually worked, got her whatever she wanted if they could afford it, had friends and a boyfriend- everything was pretty chill. But when Anna brought up the news that she was moving because of her parents' jobs, her boyfriend flipped. Literally. He was desperate to keep her there with him, and after many unsuccessful attempts to have her move in with him, he decided to force her into having sex with him so she'd stay. He was mentally messed up, and Anna knew it; he was controlling and always called her every waking minute. But she was too kind to leave him, and it screwed her over in the end. She kept it a secret until she moved and started going to Degrassi, where she fell for a nerdy boy that somehow made her spit out what had happened. Then, to make things better, she found out she was pregnant- that was her official FML marker. But, after some thinking, she decided to keep her child, who is a boy. She's due anyday now, and it more than excited. Nervous, but excited.

        Robert Gale; dated him for a year, was raped and is currently pregnant by him. He was sent off to a psych ward because of his mental conditions, and apparently died.
        Wesley Betenkamp; current boyfriend of about 6 months.

        First year, she moved here about 6 months ago.

        Marina & Miles Halloway made her

        Standing at roughly 4'10" and weighs in at 100lbs, Anna is a very pale girl with long, light red hair and light blue eyes. She doesn't tan, obviously, and her hair is natural- she's never dyed it before. Her body is free from piercings, but is planning on getting 'Roman Evan Jade Christopher Harold' tattooed across her lower stomach, starting from her right hipbone and ending at her left hipbone. She has large hips for her body size and her figure is rounded. She usually wears sundresses and pajamas to school. Currently, however, she is 9 months pregnant, so she weighs around 140lbs and her hips have widened more, adapting to her pregnancy.

        Anna was always the quiet girl who sat in the background, either drawing or playing some kind of game, but darastic times call for darastic changes. She still chooses to avoid confrontation as usual, and would rather stay quiet than be a loud mouth, but Anna is more expressive and open about her thoughts and feelings. She's more... intense, and fierce, considering her growing mother bear instict and her hormones raging like hell. Anna snaps easily at anything that annoys her now, and is extra sensitive and usually finds herself crying randomly. Other than the hormonal changes and whatnot, she's still the quiet girl that doesn't talk unless she's spoken to.

        Her only pet is her trusty blue parrot named Lance.

        Her talents? She can game it up at video games, D&D/Heroscape, and board games and can draw and paint.

        Anna can't swim. At all. She's going to learn though. Oh, and she loves paranormal stuff- ghosts, spirits, demons- all that jazz.
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PostSubject: Re: Anna's Charries >3   Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:25 am

Anna. She's terrible. D8< I hate her. How can I accept this piece of shit? Dammit. Such a shame, she has so much potential.


But you're not welcomed to Degrassi. >8D Evilness. I mean, of course you are, Anna-banana.

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Anna Halloway

Anna Halloway

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PostSubject: Re: Anna's Charries >3   Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:26 am

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PostSubject: Re: Anna's Charries >3   

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Anna's Charries >3
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