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Come down here to roleplay as your favorite character, or make a student of your own. The drama doesn't always have to happen on your television, relive it on your computer as well.
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PostSubject: LALALALALA, OOH, A BONFIYA.   Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:10 pm

samantha [sam] young

"do you scream when you're alone?"

    Samantha peers around, lighting a match and throwing it into the massive bonfire. She, biting her lip, pushes through the crowd of people, searching for a familiar face. Her eyes scope out for Kenzie, but she can't find him. Sam screams her usual case of obscene words, this time including, "PENIS." What? It's her and Conner's bird-call. At least hers. She always knows just how to get her best friend's attention. She rolls her eyes when she doesn't get a quick response, annoyed. She prances around like her usual idiotic, carefree self. Sam didn't give a damn what others thought about her, as long as they didn't hurt her or her friends--okay, scratch that--one friend. She digs her hands into her denim jeans, watching her feet as she walks, alone, in a large crowd of unfamiliar people.

"even the beautiful lose control"

posting order:
Moof (whenever the hell she makes a char she can join in)
Ask and I'll add you to the list. :p

Bridget Ryann Brenner | 15/sophomore = #6495ED
Edwina "Winnie" Hope Moore |15/sophomore = #FF2052
Samantha Holly-Noelle Abigail Melissa Young | 16/sophomore = #7B68EE
Wesley Betenkamp | 16/sophomore = #77DD77
Andrew Sydney Carter | 17/senior = #4CBB17

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PostSubject: Re: LALALALALA, OOH, A BONFIYA.   Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:35 pm

"Later mom! Love you, Emi!" I kissed my mom and my daughter goodbye. I had my books. I had them because I told my mom I was going to the library, when I was actually going to the ravine for a party. It's the oldest lie in the book but it obviously worked. "Okay sweetie, be home by 11." She told me, not as sternly as a parent should tell a teen mom of 1 so she doesn't because a teen mom of 2. "Kay." I said on my way out.

She was alot more accepting of the fact that I had a daughter than I thought she would have been. Of course, I was raped so she didn't expect so see me at the free clinic with a 'Shoppers' bag filling it up with free condoms..

"Thanks." I told the bus driver, as I dropped the tokens into the thingy that accepted the tokens. It was my first party since the party so I was a little nervous, but glad that I was getting out and not being held back just because I'm a mom.

I snuck over to one of the abandoned cars and stuffed my books and such into the back seat. Okay, nothing can hold me back now... I thought to myself. Wow am I a retard.
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Clare The Gummy Bear

Clare The Gummy Bear

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PostSubject: Re: LALALALALA, OOH, A BONFIYA.   Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:19 pm

One of the best things about having a surgeon for a father was that he was never home. This left a lot of room for me to escape and become a normal teenager, well that was something I was going to try. Personally, I had never been great at being like everyone else, but right now I was gonna try to do the best that I can. Maybe here would be different and I could be more than just the music prodigy.

I had heard through the school that there was a bonfire going on at the Ravine. Whether or not people were even going to know who I was would be found out tonight, but I hoped I could at least make one or two friends while there. Then again, didn't people always get into trouble at these kinds of things? Maybe I can avoid all of that stuff, if not then I didn't know what I'd do.

Sneaking through the woods and into the Ravine, I looked around to see if I even recognized anyone. Of course, no one was even remotely familiar to me. Shrugging my shoulders, I made my way to a log and took a seat, looking around at all the people around here. "Ladeedah."


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PostSubject: Re: LALALALALA, OOH, A BONFIYA.   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:25 pm

conner "kenzie" atticus

    Conner hopped on his toes, attempting to spot someone in the crowd. Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly the tallest person, and he could only reach the shoulders of one particularly tall person in front of him. Scowling, he pushed past a few people, attempting to get closer to the fire. While making his way through the group, he can't help but wonder how so many people had heard about this. Once the fire was in his view, he raised himself up once more, examining the ones that were closest. Still, Sam was nowhere to be seen. With a frown, Conner pushed away from the bonfire, shoving past students until he practically was thrown onto the dirt. Regaining his balance, he realized he had made it to the very edges of the crowd, which was bustling more then ever. With an exuberant sigh, he kicks the ground, sending a cloud of dirt flying. "Sam?" His voice was hopeful, yet no expectant. When he received no reply, he trudged onward, intent on finding his friend.
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Anna Halloway

Anna Halloway

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PostSubject: Re: LALALALALA, OOH, A BONFIYA.   Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:13 pm

      annaleah cassandra marie halloway

      Calm down, calm down... ugh, fuck. What a dickhead! Anna was pissed. Big time. Wesley ended up standing her up on their dated, didn't answer her texts or calls, and she had no patience whatsoever. "What kind of guys stands up his girlfriend, especially when she's pregnant? UGH." Anna groaned, sighing heavily. "What a wonderful day... just wonderful." She zipped up her gray sweatshirt, feeling cold in this place. "The ravine?" She blinked. In her raging state, she was completely unaware of where she was going. Smart, huh? Not really. Anna sighed, tugging at the bottom of her sundress, prying it loose from a thorn plant.

      "Well, this is just wonderful." There were people there, and she didn't really fid anyone familiar. She may have seen them around, but no one she knew was near. "Ugh... I have to relax before I head back." She stretched her arms before taking a seat on the log, trying to keep a distance from others. She was only going to be here for a bit- just enought time to let her feet rest so she can walk back. Anna laid a hand on her belly, feeling a sharp pain. Ow. She bit her lip, looking around at people.

      Didn't she just look wonderful? A pregnant girl at the ravine, with random people.
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